December 2nd, 2016 (Toronto, ON, CA) -- Kilmanjaro, Toronto four-piece experimental electronic band, meticulously layer shadowy soundscapes and dynamic rhythms on their single, “9 (Walls, Not Bridges)” off the band’s debut LP, “A Place Unknown To All You Ever Say,” out January 20th, 2017 on NYK Records.


Following a breakout summer opening Field Trip Festival 2016, Kilmanjaro joined Red Bull Sound Select’s Toronto roster of emerging artists. The band pairs the layered vocals and synth lines of Kaan Gunesberk, and those of writing and production partner Ian Culley, with the interlocking drumming of Luke Graves and Ryan Macdonald.


Kilmanjaro’s debut LP explores a spectrum of lofty and grimy textures amongst Gunesberk’s ethereal vocals, invoking feelings of a nocturnal daydream as he reflects on the different manifestations of his personality and relationships around him. Gunesberk compares listening to the album to “wandering through the night as it turns into day; much like walking through a dark tunnel.” “9 (Walls, Not Bridges)” marks the point of the journey where the light from behind finally disappears. An urgent yet minimal drum and bass beat hits off the top, establishing the low-end theme of the track as it drives Gunesberk’s lyrics of depressive loneliness.  A third of the way into the song, drums crash into a new pattern, ushering in haunting synths that weave through layered drums.  Two-minutes in, the synths narrow into an arpeggiated line that echoes along side the last grieving phrase.  Like many of the through-composed tracks on the album, Gunesberk describes “9 (Walls, Not Bridges)” using sensory experiences to characterize the single’s three disparately emotional sections.  “The first section has this running quality to it and leads into the second which feels more like free falling, followed by the final section that creates a sense of being under water while slowly sinking to the depths.“ 


“9 (Walls, Not Bridges)” exemplifies Kilmanjaro’s ability to create richly detailed and fluid pieces that harness the complex sounds and energies that evolve throughout the album.  In support of the release of their single and upcoming record, Kilmanjaro will headline their first Red Bull Sound Select show on December 16h in their hometown, followed by a Toronto album release party on January 21th 2017 at The White House Studio Project.



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